Granite Mountain Psychological Society

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Membership with The Granite Mountain Psychological Society

Membership in The Granite Mountain Psychological Society is open to licensed mental health professionals, educators and researchers in psychology or related fields, as well as others who are professionally involved in these fields.

Membership is $45 per year.  The benefits of membership include:

  • Inclusion in the GMPS listserv, where you can send and receive emails to all members of the listserv. This includes messages about GMPS news and events, questions and responses about practices and referrals, announcements about CE opportunities, etc.
  • Quarterly GMPS “socials,” announced through the listserv, mainly for the purpose of professional and social networking.
  • Referrals from listserv members and provider profile page (if you create one).
  • Opportunities to participate in community outreach activities via the Community Outreach Committee.

We have scholarships available for student members. If you would like to join as a student member, please contact the Membership Secretary,  Dr. Bergstrom, at 520-369-3885 or email him at

If you would like further information about membership, feel free to contact any of the members listed below: 

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